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….haha get it? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. This week, we went back and revised how to set type for a newsletter or print document. I chose Chesapeake Energy as my company, just because I haven’t done a local company yet and because I was curious to research them. I also liked the stories they had on their website, which I thought could come in handy for a newsletter.

After re-watching some of the tutorials on typesetting, I actually felt very comfortable using InDesign again. To me, it is definitely the most straight-forward and intuitive of the programs yet and you can get some amazing designs done with little to no frustration. I can 100% see myself use InDesign a lot later in my career because corporate- or email newsletters are things that PR people need all the time.

Maybe because I felt so comfortable with the program, I ended up with a pretty ambitious, landscape layout idea, which took me much longer than expected to perfect and made me curse myself a couple of times. Starting out with a five-column-design seemed like a good idea at first, because I wanted a lot going on and flexibility as to where I want to place my elements. But later on I realized I would have probably been better of with four or six columns to avoid that annoying search for the middle of the page and place my object symmetrically. I eventually had to go with the two differently sized columns to make up for it, but I actually ended up liking how it looked. I hope there is not too much going on in my newsletter as soon as I drop the pictures in, but I am really quite happy with how it looks right now, especially because I could easily make a six-page brochure out of it. But it definitely taught me a lesson to stick to a little more simple layouts for my newsletters.

Here is my Dummy Layout. Check it out!