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After taking a week-long break, I actually missed my design work. It felt weird not to dedicate a couple of hours to it like I had the last couple of weeks. Returning to Photoshop, I definitely felt less anxious and stressed out. Working my feedback into my final draft was actually just a matter of minutes, as using the tools comes easier and easier to me. I started to discover more similarities between Photoshop and InDesign, e.g. the place tool, and that makes PS much more likable to me.

Overall, I am surprised how much I progress in this course. When I started out, I thought that learning how to use the Adobe Suite would be like climbing a mountain, where first you have to go up, up, up, and master a billion little tricks before you’d be rewarded with a little success. But instead, I like that there are little rewards along the way, like how well my mailers turned out, even though I don’t know that many PS tricks.

I guess my original lack of confidence and low levels of expectations are due to my general impatience with learning new skills. Usually, whenever I don’t get or aquire something right from the start, I lose my patience and drop it. Or I tell myself that I just have to face that I’m not good at it “because people can’t do or know everthing.” But many times over the last year in college I had to realize that that’s not true. Most things in life require some amount time, dedication and nerves to come to fruition and just saying that I’m not good at something because I don’t put in the work is kinda taking the easy way out.