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For this assignment, we were asked to put together a newsletter for a Fortune 500 company. My company was Southwest Airlines. This was difficult for me because, well as we all know, the Adobe Suite is obviously just not my tstock-photo-las-vegas-november-boeing-southwest-airlines-takes-off-from-mccarran-in-las-vegas-nv-on-287796671hing. I had trouble getting the entire story to fitĀ inside the newsletter so I had to take things out like the deck,etc. to fit the whole story in. It probably looks and reads really unprofessional, so basically I don’t need to be in charge of designing newsletters in real life. I really wasn’t happy with what I have because I had to take out parts of a newsletter that were supposed to be included from the rubric, which will probably effect my grade but I didn’t know what else to do.