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Me chilling on top of the Tooth of Time.

I have been posting on this blog every week for this whole semester. It has been pretty cool to look back and see what all I have done. I think I am going to continue this blog. I don’t think I will blog about specific courses like i did this semester though. I think I will blog about my career in general. I will talk about my plans, and things I’ve done. I think it would be cool to look back later on and see where I wanted to go, and where I ended up.

I might redesign it a little though. I am still not quite satisfied with the design yet. I will for sure get a better photo of the Tooth of Time for my header. I also want to figure out how to edit the design a little more without changing the whole layout.

I will also about some more personal information, so people can learn more about my back story.

I am excited for my future, and hope that I go everywhere that I plan to, and maybe I will try to document it here on my blog. I am headed to Brazil this summer, maybe I will start there.