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My summary of learning project is an infographic that shows my journey throughout this course. I have combined nearly everything I have learned into this one assignment, such as the different design elements (balance, color, unity, etc.) aSummary of Learningll the way to the final couple projects. It explains a little bit of each of the major design projects we have done, or important aspects we learned during the course of the class. I think my final design for my summary of learning project is simple enough to explain everything I have learned this semester, but no too plain and boring. I created the project on Canva, a website we learned how to use in PR Pubs.

For the course overall, I really enjoyed everything we did and I am surprised by how much I learned. I thought I knew a lot, but I was totally wrong. The way the course was formatted made it easy to get things done on time and no week was too overwhelming for me. I did enjoy the blogging every week as well. I used to blog weekly last year and during the summer, but stopped because of school. Now because I got in the rhythm again, I plan to continue to post weekly and most likely multiple times each week.

For my PR publication and writing skill, I can tell this class helped me improve a lot. I feel like I have a much better idea of what my future will look like in these aspects because I have had the chance to make and create so many different things. Loved this class!

Here is my website to visit for other work I have done or ways to contact me:

Summary of Learning PDF: Summary of Learning