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Since I have always had this domain and use it for other things, too, I’ll of course keep it. I am not sure exactly what will happen to the blog posts, but I know that I will integrate all my design work to my other portfolio at It’s really great that this class has given me so much material to showcase what I can do in design. I always have the objective to blog more, but realistically, I only do it when I have an assignment. I’d love to find the time and inspiration to just do it throughout the day.
I’m so stoked that I could already use the skills I learned in this class for other projects. I always struggled to find a resume template that accommodates all the things I want to include in it, so I simply created my own in InDesign. I am super happy with how it turned out and I love that it gives me the flexibility to go back in to change it later. My dad also assigned me with the task to create some new promotional material for his business and I am super excited to have my first ‘real’ client! Overall, I would give this class a 10/10. I loved how easy it is to collect points along the way and that there is really no way to fail as long as you put in the work. I would definitely recommend anyone to take this class with Professor Croom and to be prepared to learn more than you think!