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For the end of the class, we needed to create a summary of learning project. I created an online storybook, called Naturally Designing.

This book tells the story of my journey through Public Relations Publications. I all semester I have been looking to see how I could tie my love for nature in with my design work. I was able to do that  with this project.


I took PR Pubs online, and it was great for me. I keep really busy with my classes and rowing. I was able to take the class at my own pace. When I had a race on the weekend, I could do my work the week before and not have to worry about getting behind in class. I really enjoyed the projects for this class as well. I really feel prepared to do these types of projects once I get into my field of public relations.

For this class, we had to journal every week. It was really cool to be able to read back through the posts after the semester was over. I got to see my journey from day one, all the way to the end. Writing for a public audience was interesting. I had not done this type of writing before. I was able to write in my own voice, and not have to be unbiased and without a voice, like I had for my journalism classes.

Over the semester I grew. I realized that I may not have all the answers when it comes to designing, but I do have ideas. And ideas is all it takes. I am excited about my future with design, and how I will grew in my future.