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Ugh, this is the assignment I dreaded the most. For our last project, we have to create a summary of what we learned in this class and showcase it in a creative way. Our professor would prefer seeing a video or an animated story, but spoiler alert, I am not good at making videos, a.k.a. I have no experience at all. So, should I give it a try and see how it goes or stick to my original plan of creating an infographic?

At this point, I am not completely sure and I think I need a couple of days to think about it. All I know is that I want to highlight different tricks and tips that I learned throughout this course in a “fun fact”-kinda fashion and that I want to make a metaphor to a tree that grows bigger and bigger and shows different branches of learning, e.g. for the different types of assignments. I also have another idea, which includes writing a resume for myself as a graphic designer, summarizing all my accomplishments in this course and listing my skills etc. in a creative way. I’m also intrigued by the Google Story Builder which looks like a fun thing to do.

I really don’t know yet which direction I am heading and I would love to get some feedback on this. I am so close to the end, and I have learned so much, I don’t want to mess up now!