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For this unit, we were asked to create the final draft of the newsletter for our Fortune 500 company. I was excited yet hesitant to come up with the final product because I was not too confident with my initial first draft and am still not 100% comfortable with InDesign. Below is what the first page out of three that my final newsletter looks like and I am actually pleasantly surprised at how it came out. In comparison to my first draft, I think it looks more eye catching and makes readers want to look at it. I changed the font for the header to match the one that Apple actually uses to improve the professional look I was aiming for. I also decided to utilize the center of the page to create a bold graphic with the quote and picked a bright colored image to get the readers wanting to read the text. Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 6.10.52 PM.png

I think that I did a pretty good job after many failed attempts at trying to get the formatting correct. I think that my reaction is this way because of how long it took my complete this assignment, which actually helped me grow in my InDesign skills. I think that knowing what I started with and the mindset that I started with also contributed to my positive reaction. The target public I was wanting to reach affected my design because I wanted to reach a young audience that likes to be updated regularly on Apple’s newest innovations and products. I chose articles that pertained to their new product releases because I thought this public would be more inclined to read articles that dealt with the latest and greatest products/apps that they can buy and use. The background image and pictures I included are bold and edgy because I kept this audience in mind when thinking of how to draw people in to read the articles. Starting with the graphics and design of the newsletter has helped me learned how to appeal to audiences.