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Looking back on when we started this semester, I really didn’t know that much about design. I got the general idea, but not the finer details of how to make a successful design. We covered a lot of interesting information this semester, and I really learned a lot about different design tools like photoshop and InDesign. My favorite thing that we designed this semester was when we designed our newsletters. It was really interesting to design one, and see how the final product turned out. I can really see all of the small things that go into design after taking this course that I wasn’t able to see before. I also felt like I turned the corner to understanding design better, midway through this course. Looking back on it, I wish I would have put a little more effort into my business card designs. But, you learn from your mistakes, and utilize that experience to do better on future things. Overall, I really felt like I grew a lot as a Public Relations Practitioner this semester, because I really experienced some trial and error on some things. After these experiences, I know more of what to expect in the future and can utilize my past experiences to know how to successfully conquer challenges that stand in my way. I really enjoyed this course and will take away a great amount of information into my future endeavors.