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We were asked to complete our direct mailer designs on behalf of OU recruitment services. I responded well to completing this work, because I really felt like I had a good start, and used the comments we received to shape my final design to exactly how I wanted it. I reacted well to designing these direct mailers, because I feel like this will be a useful professional design tool. I think my reaction was this way, because I really enjoyed designing these documents, and really think my ¬†overall understanding of design is making progress in the right direction. I do feel myself becoming more accustomed to the tools we are being asked to use. I feel that furthering my understanding of these things will make me a more “well-rounded” professional going forward. It really felt like InDesign is used more to mass produce things quickly, and I really feel like Photoshop has a lot more customization. If I had to choose one over the other, I think it would be Photoshop, because I feel like you can do more with it. If I were to start over, the only thing I would do differently is explore more designs to incorporate into my grand idea. But overall, I really enjoyed this assignment, and look forward to using the things I learned from it in future endeavors.