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1. What were you asked to do? In this unit, we were asked to choose a Fortune 500 company, gather stories from their newsroom, gather pictures and create newsletter layouts for the company.

2. How did you respond to what you were asked to do? I chose an organization that ties back to something I’m interested in, being travel, so I chose Southwest. I looked at various newsletter layouts and gathered ideas for ones that I liked. 

3. How did react to what you actually did? I enjoyed researching newsletter layouts and various stories about Southwest but I had a difficult time creating three layouts that I thought were all consistent and looked good. I had a difficult time placing that much text without making the newsletter look busy.

4. Now go one level deeper: Why do you think your reaction was what it was? I think that I enjoyed creating these newsletters for Southwest because I love to travel, not only once I get to the destination but the process of travel as well. I think I had a difficult time making a layout I liked because I’ve grown more accustomed to designing things like social media posts and graphics. Overall, I still enjoyed creating these newsletters and was happy with the work that I created.

5.How did your target public affect your overall content and design strategy? Just like I do, I felt that the target public was probably passionate about travel and travel processes, so I designed these newsletters with pictures that are inviting and bring feelings of fun and relaxation, like you would feel on a vacation.