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When asked to choose a Fortune 500 company to design for this week the only brand I could think of at the time was PepsiCo. Although it had gained my top of mind recognition because of the recent backlash towards it’s Kendall Jenner commercial, truthfully I do prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola and similar brands.

This week we were tasked with designing a newsletter template/base design for our chosen Fortune 500 company. In doing so I reviewed many of the templates provided and wanted to ensure that I chose one I felt comfortable with, thus the three-column layout. I wanted to also be sure to include brand consistency with the colors and logo. I chose text formats that would provide for much content as well as opportunities to include photos when necessary.

I thought that including the client logo would be a unique way to ensure that brand consistency. Overall I am pleased with my work, as I am becoming more comfortable with InDesign. Please take note below of my recent design for PepsiCo.

Pepsi Newsletter