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For this week’s assignments in PR Publications we were challenged to further develop our Fortune 500 Company’s newsletter and prepare it for publishing. Like I said last week, I chose Pepsi because at the time it had gained top-of-mind recognition for me.

When searching for news to include in the product I found that Pepsi, outside of the recent Jenner fiasco, is doing incredibly well with its community relations and internal development. They have a number of great projects in the works including a piece on current “Hidden Figures” that couples incredibly well with the recent feature film.

When it came to the design of the newsletter, I struggled most with spacing. I wanted to ensure that I had a sufficient balance between content and media and I am still unsure as to whether or not I adequately accomplished that. I saw other setbacks when it came to wanting to fit an appropriate amount of content onto the page but not overwhelm the reader. Color wise I stuck to Pepsi’s palette of blue, red and white and was sure to incorporate those in as many aspects as possible. Overall, I recognize that this newsletter may not be my greatest accomplishment as I am rather concerned with the spacing, however, I do believe that I was able to offset those issues with two interesting stories, photos and the overall final product.

In regards to InDesign I am becoming more confident in my ability to use the software and am looking forward to larger multi-page documents and products. Please see the final newsletter below.


Pepsi Newsletter