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I’d like to start out by saying that Canva is my favorite program we’ve used so far.

This week I chose my favorite retailer to do social media posts on: Nasty Gal. Nasty Gal is for women 16-25 with edgier styles and their social media pages are killer! They are extremely image based and use very little wording on their posts. I hope I conveyed their look with my social media examples. I modeled my posts after theirs, keeping everything very image based.

I feel like I had a lot more freedom with my company and I feel like Canva is great for creative content because of their different layouts and things of that nature. I’ve known people to create extremely nice resumes. I also have a friend that uses Canva for promotional content and it looks great. I think the layouts make Canva very appealing. Overall I had a lot of fun with Canva! Here are some of my creations below!