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The Final Project:

For my final project, I decided to create an infographic. I am very confident in my skills with Canva, and I knew that it was important to submit a project that I had a lot of faith in. After dissecting the class, and going through every blog post, assignment and unit complete, I decided to focus on the aspects of the class that I felt like I had learned the most from.

As I was going through the design templates on Canva, I decided that I wanted my infographic to have an overall them, rather than just be a bunch of text, boxes and lines. So, I decided to capture my “Path Through PR Publications,” which uses the different elements of an outdoor walking path to display how my skills improved through this class. Check it out at the link below!

The Course:

Overall, I really enjoyed the course format. I liked how it was split into sections on a weekly basis. I will admit that journaling my process each week did get a bit tiring, but I always ended up appreciating it, because it gave me time to analyze my work. I grew in my abilities to select color schemes and fonts, and I learned how to better utilize the tools around me to work through creative blocks.


Mer’s Guide to PR Publications