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So this has been quite the semester! I honestly didn’t think I would ever learn the graphic design part of public relations because I’m definitely more of a writer and planner, but here I am! The format of the class was really simple to navigate and understand. That was really helpful because some of our tasks were more difficult, so I was glad to have an easy class format. Depending on the week, I don’t believe journaling was absolutely necessary every time. Overall, I do think it was a great way to air out concerns and get feedback from our professor and sometimes our peers.

I thought writing for a public audience made this class more enjoyable and more realistic. It was like gaining real world experience while in the classroom. (Well technically not the classroom since we’re online, but you know!) I feel like this class has made me want to dive in to editing graphically now. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun and I hope I keep at it during my time in grad school!

As for the summary of learning, I had a hard time figuring out where to start. I first, wanted to do a video, but my editing skills were trash and it looked so broken up. It was awful. So then I saw the book option and thought about making mine on Canva. I took my PR Pubs experience and made it into a book based off of Spongebob characters. It was a lot more lighthearted and fun, and I really enjoyed it once I found my sense of direction!

Sometimes fitting in isthe only thing that matters. (7)