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This week we were asked to dig into Canva and create social media designs for our chosen company/organization. I decided to go with the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University (I’m hoping to land an internship there, so fingers crossed).

This was my first time using Canva. I had always heard students talking about the tool but never had reason to try it out. To be frank, I wasn’t enthused about using this tool. I couldn’t possibly think of a reason that Canva would provide me with an experience I could get from Adobe products. I was wrong.

Canva is a great tool, especially for beginning designers, to gain inspiration for their designs. It’s easy and simple. I probably wouldn’t have created some of those designs if I hadn’t opened Canva up. I’m pleased with these designs because I find they’re not overloaded with information, and I think that’s something to steer away from when designing for social media. But, the designs use bright primary colors, and I’m a fan of bright primary colors.