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PR Pubs is DONE. I’m a little sad, to be honest, but also kinda relieved. 

Okay, so I’m definitely sad that this class is over, but at the same time I’m also happy. I am sad because I had lots of fun in this class and I really enjoyed the challenge of figuring out the tools and nailing the design. I am happy because I think I did well in this class considering what my design skills were like at the beginning. They were lacking to say the least. I’m really excited to continue my design journey.

For the most part I enjoyed blogging each week. It allowed me to rant about not-so-great design projects and cheer when I got something right. I also liked how the assignments were due on the same day each week. This made planning really easy.

I think I have grown a lot since August. I pulled out my hair (not really though but I did get super stressed out) when I couldn’t figure out the simplest things in InDesign and Photoshop. I did a little happy dance when I finally nailed a design (yes I am referring to my social media posts). It no longer takes me hours on end to design a simple direct mailer. With all that said, I still know I have a lot of work to do before I can call myself a master designer. Who knows maybe I’ll get there one day.

I made a animated video for my summary of learning project using the website I was really tempted to make a infographic on Canva but I wanted to challenge myself for this project. It was a challenge. In my video the stickfigure version of me goes on a journey through each design project. I wanted to include pictures of each project to really give my audience a feel for the class. Here’s a link to the video: