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This week, we were asked to create two media advisories, two media pitches and write this blog post.

I responded to what we were asked to do by reading the assignment and figuring out how to complete each one to the best of my ability. I did extra research for both the media advisories and the media pitches because I felt like I did not understand what I was suppose to do. I tried to produce something similar to what was being asked of me. I wasn’t sure on the format or how a general release on the Tipton Children’s Home was meant to be in those two forms. I hope I did them correctly.

Fortunately, we have been dealing with the same organization for the past couple of weeks so I feel like I know this foster home like I’ve researched it. I think what I did was what you were asking of us, but I apologize if it is not.

I think my reaction is what it is because of the lack of guides and examples to help us with he assignment. From what I googled, there were multiple ways on how to do a certain format. I tried to combine everything that you gave us to what I read on the internet. Overall, I do not feel confident in reproducing this assignment in the real world to be completely honest.I think I can smooth the edges, but that will come with time and I recognize that.