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Now that the semester is over, this post is a reflection of my time in PR pubs and where I am now. I go through a few questions that made me reflect on my time in PR pubs. I hope you enjoy!

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How was the course format?

The course format was great! I felt it allowed each of us to find our own way and become our own person through different creative applications. We were not forced to do it one way, we were free to find our own way. I really enjoyed that freedom and I feel that contributed to my growth a lot.

How was journaling every week?

Writing is my passion and I find words to be a great release for me. So obviously, I really enjoyed journaling every week. It was also a great reflection tool each week to sit down and really think about the process I went through to come out with the finished product.

What will happen to your site?

I had this blog site before this class and I will continue to use it after, but in a different way. I will continue to blog about my life and travels. I find blogging to be fun and an easy way to keep up with people and their lives. I also enjoy reading blogs on different subjects that interest me.

How did you grow as a creative?

My growth during this class was insane. I started with basically zero experience, so there was nothing but growth the entire semester. ┬áDuring the first week of class, I couldn’t even find the desktop, let alone how to navigate adobe suite. I am really proud of how much I grew during this time and I can’t wait to see how I continue to grow.