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This week in Public Relations Publications, we took the first steps to learning how to create a direct mailer before we were tasked to create our own.

Last week, we started off by getting some great insight through Photoshop tutorials and hearing from someone on the digital team in the office of admissions and recruitment at the University of Oklahoma.

This week, we got to hear from the client we are creating the direct mailer for. We are creating a direct mailer for OU’s new Residential Colleges. We heard from the Senior Fellow of  Dunham College, Mark Morvant. He gave us all the insight we needed to know about the new residential colleges, which sparked inspiration for the creation of the direct mailers.

Before we dove into creating the direct mailer on Photoshop, everyone in the class was tasked with visiting a student-focused apartment complex in Norman in order to learn more about it and see their promotional materials. This was a great way to get an overview of the competitor analysis for other living styles in Norman for OU students.

I went to check out The Ave.

“Premier student housing with a modern twist” is their slogan. All of their promotional material is very modern and simple. 

I think the modern and simplistic look really stands out to college students. In the process of building my direct mailer, I really want to keep the design simple, yet modern to draw in freshman living in the dorms at the moment and will be sophomores next fall. That is the main target audience at the moment. 

I cannot wait to start creating (actually I can because Photoshop is really hard in case you were wondering).