Final reflection on PR Pubs

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I’m a huge fan of online classes. I know that most of my peers/friends don’t like them because they fear they won’t get all of the work done. I mention this because I have taken around 10 online classes at OU. The format of this class has by far been the easiest to understand/keep up […]

Using my domain in the future

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I use my domain for two of my classes this semester. In my other class, we were required to create an About me page for a grade. I do think it would be valuable if I added my contact information to my blog at the end of my about me page. I do not see […]

Deciding on a medium

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I’ve decided to make a movie trailer using iMovie as my medium for my summary of learning. I’m very familiar with this tool because I’ve when I was younger and it’s the one I feel most comfortable using. I will first need to write a script. Then I will assemble props and a cast. I will film on […]

Reading through all my blog posts

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I definitely grew as a public relations practitioner this semester. At the beginning of the semester, I was lost and confused. I had no idea what was going on and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get through this class. While reading through my old blog posts I recalled all of […]

Reflecting on unit 5.1

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This unit we were asked to pick a Fortune 500 company and then create a newsletter for them. I chose Nordstrom as my company. We were able to use prewritten stories in our newsletter as long as we included 3. We had specific guidelines of what needed to be included in our newsletter. We were […]

Reflection 5.1

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This week we switched back over to Indesign. We were asked to pick a Fortune 500 company, submit their logo and then make a dummy newsletter layout for them.  I chose Nordstrom because it’s my favorite store and caught my eye on the website. I will admit I was a little rusty after not using […]

Reflecting on my second design project

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Alright, crossing my fingers, but I THINK I’ve finally got the gist of Photoshop. On the first week, I was very stressed about the second design project. I wasn’t fully capable of using Photoshop and eventually gave up. I made my first design project in Powerpoint, which was apparent to Professor Croom. After meeting with […]

Reflection 3.2

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My first stakeholder applies to students who would want a major in Gaylord college. My second stakeholder is for students with parents who are alumni/National Merit Scholars. These two go hand in hand because they both involve academics. I know when I’m an adult I will encourage my children to come here and join Gaylord […]


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My second stakeholder will be alumni who have current senior. 17-18 years old, child of alumni, National Merrit Scholars and male or female. The stakeholder I’m targeting is high school seniors with parents who also went to OU. OU is an amazing school to keep in the family. At OU, the education you receive is […]