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The time has officially come for my final blog post on PR Pubs. While I am excited for the semester to end, I am sad finishing this course. This course finally put my creative skills to the test and I couldn’t be happier I had this class and Professor Croom to lead me through the way.

For my Summary of Learning project I decided to make a storybook instead of an animation video. Throughout my storybook I show the emotional roller coaster I endured during the course. I started out excited and ready to learn. Then I realized how hard this really was going to be after reading my big first big assignment. Every week I went through the same emotional process. I would dread it, have trouble working on it and then I would feel accomplished once I submitted my assignments. I think starting in the process to become a pr practitioner you have to go through this process. You have to ditch a design or now what is working and what is not good. That is the main thing I really learned during this course.

As a whole, I didn’t find anything in this course that I did not like. The assignments were difficult but they have to be hard for us to grow. The tutorials and videos were extremely helpful. Although the blog posts were at times tedious, I think it is good for us to look back at our work and explain our process. Along with journaling each week, I was able to see that I wasn’t the only one who had trouble at first. I really liked that our blogs were public so we could engage with other students.

Without I doubt I grew creatively and gained more confidence in my work, Before I was almost embarrassed to show anyone what I came up with. Now I am excited to share it. After creating my final newsletter I would show everyone what I was able to create. I really enjoyed this class and I cannot wait to grow even more in the public relations field.

Link to my Summary of Learning: