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This past week, we were asked to write two media advisories and two media pitches. I learned media advisories are information that could be put in press releases directed towards journalists. Media pitches are basically emails to journalists about a possible news story and explaining why it is newsworthy. The first media advisory and media pitch was about the Tipton Children’s Home. The second were about the children’s home bike-a-thon.

Last week was more of a struggle for me because I felt like I was going to mess up the press release. Since I tackled that assignment, I responded with more eagerness. I was excited to continue to write more like a public relations professional. I felt the assignment was easier because I had last week’s assignment under my belt.

I reacted to this assignment, by starting it immediately. After last week, I knew the assignments need time to think about and how exactly I can write each of these differently. Therefore, if I start right away, I can have plenty of time to make sure I am writing at the correct angle.

I really enjoy doing these assignments. I find myself getting excited because I am getting used to writing like a public relations professional. Since I am getting excited, I am also becoming aware of the time management each assignment requires.