Unit 2.1 Reflection

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This week, we were asked to do a lot. I thought last week was difficult work wise, but so far, this week takes the cake. We were asked to choose an organization and then do some research over it. We had to identify things such as their competitors, their mission and their core values. For…

Earth Rebirth: Competitor Analysis

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Sustainability is Earth Rebirth’s middle name. That is if an organization could have a middle name. Everything the organization does revolves around promoting sustainability in the community. From the weekly music concerts, repurposed garden workshops and open-panel discussions on hot-button issues like solar energy in the state. No other competitors can offer the drive and… Continue reading Earth Rebirth: Competitor Analysis

First Business Card!

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Our first from-scratch assignment for our publications class was to create a business card for a company of our choosing. As discussed in a previous blog entry, I chose Boeing to cover. Here is the front of my business card. Please don’t dial the numbers because I won’t answer (they’re very much random):   And…Read more First Business Card!

PR Pub Communications Strategy

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Since Lululemon is all about yoga, community and positive healthy living their image needs to portray all of these things. It needs to be uplifting and bright. Make people look and make them interested. Colors: Bright White and Red since those are their colors but more white Image driven The visuals should be mostly images […]

Why Earth Rebirth is important. And many more thoughts.

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Earth Rebirth is a small environmental nonprofit right here in Norman. Andrew Sartain, the founder and president of Earth Rebirth founded this organization his senior year of college at OU. Earth Rebirth’s mission is fairly simple but also at the same time really complicated. The mission statement is as follows: to educate and empower individuals… Continue reading Why Earth Rebirth is important. And many more thoughts.

PR Pub Competitor Analysis Research

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Lululemon differs from its competitors because it sends a positive and uplifting message. It also offers free services at the stores, such as yoga. They also emphasize growing the community and creating relationships with their customers, which helps build brand loyalty. Lululemon creates more of an effort to be more than just an athletic wear […]

PR Pub Research

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Lululemon is a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company that was founded in Canada in 1998. Originally their designs were made for women to wear to yoga, but have now expanded to selling designs for yoga, running, cycling, training and other athletic activities, as well as making men’s clothing. Aside from selling athletic wear, Lululemon also offers […]


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Competitor Analysis   While it is difficult to find large differences between sports teams that all play for the same prize and organize themselves in a similar way, FCD does manage to differentiate itself. FC Dallas is different from its competitors simply because it has not always been FC Dallas. While FCD was one of […]