Lesson 1.1 – Welcome to PR Pubs!

Quiz Due Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at noon

Howdy! I’m glad you’ve made it to the course content area for PR Pubs. You’ll see a unit for each week of the course similar to this one. In short, each week you will have some course content as well as assignments that you complete (more below on how that is graded).

This week is slightly different as we are just easing into the course, so we are going to be spending the week prepping for the rest of the semester by building our toolkit. One thing to know, there is a LOT of things we want to get started this week. With that, things I want you to do:

Assignments for Orientation Week:
1. Read the Syllabus
2. Build your domain / blog
3. Submit your web address
4. Write your first blog post
5. Build your technology toolkit
6. Participate in the Google Hangout face-to-face meeting (ONLINE CLASS ONLY)
7. Finally, take the quiz!