Lesson 5.1 – Designing a Newsletter

Quiz Due Date: Wed. April 13, 2016 at noon
Project Due Date: Wed. April 20, 2016 at noon

Lesson 5.1 begins Design Project #4 and we’re going back to our roots: InDesign.

Get it? "Roots?"

Get it? “Roots?”

Design Project #4 is about designing a newsletter, so we’ll be focusing on how to create long-form documents within InDesign.

Project Requirements:

  • Three pages (minimum)
  • Four complete stories (minimum) (Stories do not have to be original! In fact I *encourage* you to find stories that are listed in the news section of the company or organization website and adapt them to fit the newsletter.

The newsletter must include:

  • One nameplate
  • Headlines (for every article)
  • Deck (for every article)
  • Bylines (for every article)
  • Photos (one per article)
  • Caption (one per photo)
  • At least one pull quote
  • At least one jump article
  • At least one article must have subheads

Don’t remember what any of these mean? Refer to the Typesetting and Newspaper Markup assignment we did way back during Bootcamp.

Last, since we are transitioning from novice designers to more intermediate, the rubric is going to be slightly more geared towards design:

Design process (10 total points) Subject matter is well-researched, sketches are complete and show a variety of designs, several design solutions have been explored.

Layout (5 total points) Grids and guides have been used to create order and alignment, elements are aligned and spacing is clear.

Color (5 total points) Colors used support message of the brand, work well together and are consistent.

Design (15 total points) Format, proportion/scale, balance, contrast, harmony, focus, rhythm/continuity, unity, use of art (photograph, illustration, correct resolution), negative/white space, creativity.

Typography (10 total points) Appropriate style choices, type size, alignment, line length, leading. Legible. Appropriate for campaign.

Self-reflection post (5 total points) Blog post explains your newsletter and how you leveraged your knowledge of fundamental design concepts throughout the design. Students must embed the work in the post. Walk the reader through the conceptualization and design process.

Assignments for Lesson 5.1:
1. Choose a Fortune 500 company.
2. Begin your document
3. Begin to gather images, photos, and stories.
4. Read Chapter 4 of Designing for Emotion and write a blog post.
5. Take the quiz.