Lesson 2.2 – Designing the Letterhead

Quiz Due Date: Wed. February 24, 2016 at noon

While this lesson brings in some new material, it is mostly a continuation of last week. Remember, last week we started Design Project #1 where we design a business card and a letterhead. So far, you’ve submitted a draft of your business card. Similarly, you’ll be receiving some feedback from myself as well, which I will do through email (or in class if we physically meet). This week we are going to be focusing on giving each other feedback on the our drafts, revising our design, and starting to interpret how we take the pieces that we have already created to create a second piece (the letterhead) which will have a similar look at feel.

Assignments for Lesson 2.2:
1. Give feedback to those in your learning circle.
2. Comment on a blog post
3. Begin the INDD document for your letterhead
4. Write a reflection post.

6. Quiz Time.