Lesson 5.2 – Repurpose and Remix

Quiz Due Date: Wed. April 20, 2016 at noon
Project Due Date: Wed. April 20, 2016 at noon

By now you have built out the dummy layout of your newsletter for a Fortune 500 company. The reason we wanted to work with a large company is that we wanted to (hopefully) have a good body of news and photos to pull in for our newsletter. The focus of this assignment is not to write new articles as you have had the opportunity to do that in previous courses such as Writing for Mass Media and PR Writing. With our design’s hat on instead, we want to focus on how to take content that exists and fit it to a publication for a new purpose. A lot of times this is referred to as repurposing content (or remix).


Your newsletter more than likely has a different audience, or stakeholder, than the company’s public website does. Strategic newsletter fall into two major categories, special interest newsletters for external publics and employee newsletters for internal publics. External and internal public prefer different information. External publics want information that drectly affects them, such as how-to articles, product news, and updates. External readers aren’t interested in the internal structure of organizations unless its relevance to them is obvious or clearly stated. Conversely, internal publics prefer items that relate to organizational plans and changes; news policies, products or services; information about the competition: key financial news about the organization; major personnel changes; reports on and previews of special events; and special messages or reports from top management.

As you decide what articles to put into the newsletter, think through questions we’ve been thinking through previously this semester:

  • Who is the target public? Internal or external?

  • What purpose does this publication serve?

  • What type of art will visually communicate your key message to your target public?

Assignments for Lesson 5.2:
1. Comment on a blog post
2. Decide what stories will go in your newsletter.
3. Decide what IMAGES will go in your newsletter
4. Write a reflection post.
5. Take the quiz.
6. Turn in your newsletter into the D2L Dropbox.