Lesson 3.3 – From Photoshop to the Printshop

Quiz Due Date: Wed. March 30, 2016 at noon
Project Due Date: Wed. March 30, 2016 at noon

This lesson is focused on completing your second design project. So, like the last time we turned in a design project, the content is fairly light. You’ll see attached to the right a Lynda.com video. You already watched this during Bootcamp week, but I’ve gone ahead and included it in the event that you need a refresher on how to save Photoshop files. Keep in mind, we want it to be a JPG (the video shows you how to do a tiff–but same process).

Assignments for Lesson 3.3:
1. Continue work on your Direct Mailers
2. Write a reflection post.
3. Read Chapter 3 of Designing for Emotion and write a blog post.
4. Take the quiz.
5. Turn in your direct mailers into the D2L Dropbox.