Lesson 6.1 – Life After PR Pubs

Quiz Due Date: Wed. April 27, 2016 at noon

You are hitting the home stretch of our time in this experience. It’s time that we start thinking about the Finals week and what will be on your Final. But, of course, we have to do this PR Pubs style, which means that the Final we will created by none other than yourself.

The last assignment is going to be the mecca of the reflection post we’ve been doing all semester which is referred to as a “Summary of Learning.” You will not turn this project into a Dropbox submission, but it will be graded as part of your Final grade, which is due Wednesday, May 4.

These summaries of learning are typically a 3-5 minutes reflection/presentation/celebration of what students learned throughout the course.

Assignments for Lesson 6.1:
1. Read through all your blog posts
2. Decide a medium for your summary of learning
3. Create an action plan for your domain (Blog Post Required)
4. Create a portfolio page for your website
5. Write an Summary of Learning Action Plan blog post.
6. Read a chapter of Designing for Emotion and write a blog post.
7. Take the quiz.