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To be completely honest I think I have 3-4 different websites with my name attached to them after various projects throughout college. In the past I have quickly worked to create them before a deadline then soon after forgotten about their existence. This blog, the same that I used to compile my study abroad experience, actually means something to me. Though I am still completely unsure as to how I will utilize its potential in gaining success down the road, that is a challenge I am looking forward to.

I very much so need to work on building the site more – I believe that I am still just as confused about pages and domains and sub outlets of a domain than I ever have been, but I am confident of my ability to fill all of those things with impressive work after completing this course. I foresee myself figuring out how to create the “About Me” “My Work,” and “Contact Me,” pages in order to fulfill my vision. I would like to use this page as a digital representation of who I am and what I would like to do, and hopefully, in the long run, this page will help me to bring those goals to fruition.