Let the Games Begin

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I had NO idea that there were actually games that were focused on typography. I have to admit that they were actually pretty fun and I can see how after playing them for awhile one could learn a lot!   Shoot the Serif I liked how fast paced this game was. There was not much […]

Am I really that dumb?

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After playing some typography games, (Shoot the Serif, Type War and Kern Type) I realized I have some brushing up to do on my typography skills. I always thought I was vert detail oriented and could spot the differences between fonts easily, but this proved me wrong. Well for the most part anyway. In Shoot… Continue reading Am I really that dumb?

Fun With Typography

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Typography is such an odd word. Honestly before this week, I had no idea what it was. Typography is the style of printed font. It is an art of arranging letters. My professor introduced the topic by offering several games that helped us learn a little bit more about the topic. First of I started [Continue]